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Help Line

I think I might be pregnant.

Pregnancy Help
What am I going to do?

• What am I going to do about school?
• I thought he loved me.
• What about me?
• What are my options?
• I can't do this alone.

We are here for you. Our center offers:

• free pregnancy tests with
immediate results
• free ultrasounds
• accurate information on all
your options
• information about STIs and abstinence

Some of our staff have experienced crisis pregnancies themselves so you will receive no judgment from us--only a listening ear, compassionate help and practical resources.

Pregnancy Choices
All of our services are free and completely confidential (no matter how old you are).

Teen Pregnancy

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Got questions about pregnancy, abortion, sex, STDs, relationships, and more?
Text “DAYBREAK QUESTIONS” to 25827, and reply to the instant auto-response with your questions to get real honest answers!

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